The DBB Project


The University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen has a distinguished history of innovative research in engineering and is the world leader in dynamic insulation research.  Buildings & Structures is one of five coherent research groups responsible for the coordination and management of research across all engineering disciplines.  Buildings and the built environment define an important theme for the group, where notable recent developments have included new dynamic breathing wall systems for enhanced ventilation and air filtration, multi-functional materials for clean, energy efficient construction and computer-based performance evaluation of novel low energy architecture.


Environmental Building Partnership

The Environmental Building Partnership Ltd (EBP) is a developer of clean technology and products for use in the built environment.  EBP developed the Energyflo™ cell to enable the development and application of DBB systems worldwide.  The company also offers low energy building design consultancy to support efficient use of a multitude of low and renewable energy technologies, including DBB systems, in all building projects.  The EnergyfloTM cell is expected to lead to the creation of affordable, high performance DBBs that are energy efficient, healthy and sustainable.  In March 2007 EBP won the Shell Springboard Award for ‘Small Companies with Big Ideas to Combat Global Warming’.


Cala Homes

CALA Homes (East) Limited is part of CALA Group, one of the UK's leading privately-owned residential and commercial property developers. With its headquarters in Edinburgh, CALA comprises three businesses: CALA Homes, CALA Finance Ltd and CALA Properties Ltd.  CALA was originally founded as the City of Aberdeen Land Association in 1875. In 1974 current Chairman, Geoff Ball, acquired a controlling interest in the business. Diversification into housing development in Scotland was quickly followed by a move into commercial property development. CALA Finance was born in 1985 when CALA pioneered the residential development funding market.

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