The DBB Project


The project outputs can be split up into sections related to the three distinct stages of the project.

The first was the construction phase, which has few quantitative outputs but provides great insights into the process of building a roof-mounted DBB system. It would not have been possible to get this level of insight without incorporating the system into a commercial building project. It should be noted that most the learning came from the small number of problems that occurred in the build rather than the majority of the process which ran smoothly

The second was the pre-occupancy phase. This was the period after the house was completed but before it was occupied by the owner. During this phase the house was used as a show house so it was partly occupied for most of the time and continuously heated . Fortunatley, there were days whan the show house was closed and this allowed some tests to take place that would have been too intrusive otherwise. This phase was over the summer months, so space heating demand was limited.

The final post-occupancy phase commenced in October 2007 and will involve the house being occupied as a home. During this phase the aim is to monitor the house under occupany conditions (i.e., with people living in it) and evaluate the benefits that the DBB system provides.

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