Dynamic Systems

The number of DBB systems that can be conceptualized, developed and deployed is as large as the number of different building types, sizes, climates and countries where they are built, refurbished or renovated.

New builds are the best and most straightforward proposition. The shape of the building, its orientation and fenestration, construction method and materials are some of the factors that determine whether part or all of the available envelope area is populated with Energyflo™ cells.  The country in which the building is located and the local climate will determine what complementary equipment might be used in conjunction with the cells.

In a temperate climate it is conceivable that a DBB system in which Energyflo™ cells are used alone, or with mechanical ventilation heat recovery, may provide the best solution.  The latter is what was used in the project house at Balerno, which features a DBB roof. In a cold climate it may be that Energyflo™ cells can used with an air source heat pump, whereas in a hot climate they may be used with air conditioning.

With refurbishment or retrofit the constraints relate to what space is available to accommodate cells within the envelope and if the benefits can be achieved cost-effectively.  One of the reasons for implementing a roof-mounted DBB system in the project is that this could also be used as a retrofit or refurbishment option for some of the existing 25 million homes in the UK and the much higher multiples of this number abroad.  If a cold attic is retained or if access to roof rafters is not feasible then a DBB ceiling could be an option.

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