The DBB Project


This project was launched in July 2006 to test and demonstrate the Energyflo™ cell - a new multi-functional component of the clean, low carbon Dynamic Breathing Building (DBB) systems of the future.

Buildings consume vast energy and pollute the environment

Burning hydrocarbons to fuel human activity produces around 30 billion tonnes of CO2 per annum, contributing to global warming and climate change.  It also generates other hazardous pollutants within the built environment, where approximately half of all primary energy is consumed. Steps to substantially reduce fossil fuel use in the built environment, through the introduction of energy efficiency measures and new technologies, are needed to avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change.

The Energyflo™ cell has been developed by the Environmental Building Partnership Ltd (EBP) and is the world’s first modular dynamic insulation, filtration and air supply product. As a key component of the DBB system it heralds a fundamentally important change in the way that fresh ventilation air is delivered to indoor spaces.  The outcome is a step-change reduction in heating / cooling energy use and associated emissions that is coupled with significant improvements to indoor and outdoor air quality.

The Carbon Trust’s Applied Research grants provide support for the development and commercialisation of technology with the potential to reduce UK carbon dioxide emissions. This project has been awarded support by demonstrating its potential to facilitate the progress of low carbon technology towards large scale deployment.


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