The DBB Concept

In a DBB, Dynamic Insulation (DI) is used in the walls and / or roof of a building as a ventilation source, heat exchanger and filter of airborne pollution, specifically Particulate Matter (PM).

Ventilation air enters the building pre-heated in winter and pre-cooled in summer, using the heating and cooling energy that would otherwise be lost through conduction and convection to atmosphere.  At all times, air comes in filtered close to High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration standard.  DBBs address the generic, headline requirement of all buildings and building types for efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

It is significant that a DBB system decouples energy use from the rate at which it is ventilated as a result of the intimate link that is created between building and environment. DBBs thus use less energy and at the same time provide high ventilation rates compared to modern, hermetically sealed buildings that seek to isolate the building from its environment. The benefits of DBBs also extend beyond their perimeters, since the air they exhaust is cleaner than that taken in.  Over time, a DBB will clean-up the local ambient outdoor environment.

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